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New intimacy

Lately I've been spending time in Clubhouse, new(ish) social media that is voice & moment only. The fact that it's not possible to add any text or images, nor go back to previous conversations, makes it fresh. It even works as rehab from Facebook, Instagram or Twitter: makes them feel unbearably artificial. When everything happens in the moment (only) and with your voice (only), magic has space to happen. In her novel True, Riikka Pulkkinen once wrote: "Relationships between people are like dense forests. Or perhaps people themselves, they are forests as well, paths after paths are revealed in them, paths that remain unknown to others, are revealed only by chance to some who happen along.” This, I feel, sometimes happens in Clubhouse. (Other times ego noice is what remains, even there, sadly.) It's beautiful, that something new & fresh can happen between people. And that momentarily the whole world can be in the "same" room, discussing intimately. How to strengthen this utopia?